Hello all!! Welcome to That History Girl!!

Any one who knows me, knows I’m a massive history nerd. Any excuse to visit a castle, or go to a museum I’m there!

As a medical student I have a special interest in medical history, but I’m hoping to use this blog to share my experiences of any museums / exhibitions / galleries / historical sites. Any requests just let me know 🙂

So a bit about me; As I mentioned I’m a medical student in London, not that you could tell…I spend far more of my time wandering round museums and dabbling in acting/directing at a local drama group. Having only really studied the sciences, maths and music in any great detail at school and university, I’m a bit of an uneducated swine when it comes to the arts so please forgive me if I err in anyway, and do correct me, I won’t be offended!

Onto the blog! Prepare to find history (of course), architecture, art, and random ramblings, I hope you enjoy the blog!!



That History Girl (aka Stasia) xxx

(p.s. <– That’s me, sitting in Queen Victoria’s Chair in the Red Saloon at Kensington Palace, where she sat as she held her 1st privy council, on the day she found out she was now Queen of England! Yes I totally fan-girled!!)


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